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CJF Marketing International has a successful track record of developing custom training and seminars that meet the client’s needs, whether those programs are in person or online. From Russia to Egypt to Taiwan, Carolyn J. Feimster, CRX, CMD has traveled the world to educate organizations and individuals on topics such as tourism development, customer service, shopping center marketing, tourism development, customer service and shopping center marketing. Carolyn works with clients to develop a unique presentation outline customized to their goals.

Sample Presentations

“Capitalizing on the Lucrative Tourism Market”

Tourism Development – Half-day to two-day sessions designed for shopping center management and merchants, for destinations and for downtown retail districts. Tourism marketing can be one of the greatest opportunities for incremental sales increases in a shopping center or retail district. Learn how to capitalize on this lucrative market by identifying your greatest potential tourism markets, developing effective tourism plans that are based on research and forming important partnerships with the travel trade industry.

For more in-depth study, the two-day seminar also covers how to conduct the necessary research to develop effective tourism marketing plans with programs that are measurable. The two-day seminar also includes the power of forming partnerships with members of the travel industry such as hotels, tour operators, airlines, car rental companies, destination management organizations and retailers as well as effective tourism advertising, public relations and other pre-arrival and post-arrival sales approaches.

“Beyond the Basics - Translating Customer Service into Sales”

For Shopping Center Management and Merchants – How to make the most of customer service including discussing its importance, impact on sales and how to implement successful practices.

“Development of the Shopping Center Marketing Plan”

For Shopping Center Management – Half-day to two days covering the basics of how to develop an effective shopping center marketing plan.

“Beyond Tenant Rent - Non-Traditional Revenue Sources to Increase Profits for Shopping Centers”

For Shopping Center Management and Marketing – one day seminar covering how to develop an effective shopping center marketing plan that includes additional sources of revenue. Topics include how to take advantage of alternative revenue sources such as specialty leasing, shopping center audits, customer service, sponsorships, secret shoppers and more. Seminars include workshops for group interaction.



New York City

Federal Realty Investment Trust


Prague, Czech Republic

Warsaw, Poland


Puerto Rico

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Success Stories

Ms. Carolyn J. Feimster, CRX, CMD is a long-time member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC, 70,000 members in 100 countries worldwide) and the recipient of our prestigious Trustees' Distinguished Service Award for Meritorious Service. For over two decades, Carolyn has traveled the world on behalf of our association, teaching various commercial real estate management and marketing courses in Europe, in the Middle East, and in Latin America. I wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn to any organization who wishes to utilize her many skills.

Mr. Madison R. Gross

Director, ICSC Ambassador Program (retired)

There is no substitute for delivering the knowledge learned and shared in the retail industry. Carolyn is a leader in delivering insightful sessions where learning is a natural outcome of time spent with her.She is sensitive to teaching to the cultures of foreign countries.  Her delivery in the Middle East to the multicultural students is always exceptionally well received.  She is the master of reading her classes differences and delivering well received sessions. 

David Macadam



Dubai, UAE

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