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The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has hit the travel and tourism industry the hardest. The industry is dealing with an estimated $519 billion decline in spending, and a $1.2 trillion economic loss for the year (as of July 2020). The unemployment in the U.S. was 25%, but for the travel industry it was 51%, which is double the rate of the Great Depression.

These challenging times require innovative thinking and subject matter experts to develop solutions for success. That’s where CJF Marketing International comes in.

What has CJF Marketing International been doing for their clients?

Immediately following the shutdown, we started to read all we could, participate in webinars, study the research, and pivot frequently as everything was changing rapidly. Within a month, a “Predictions Report” was generated along with a “Roadmap to Recovery” presentation for clients, along with constant market updates.

As soon as timing was appropriate, we launched our “Tour Operator/Travel Trade Engagement Campaign” via e-blast and social media to let the trade know we were thinking about them and missing them. Part of the campaign included videos of clients, each sending their own individual message. This campaign will continue for as long as necessary.

The industry will bounce back stronger than ever.

Once travel comes back, and it is just beginning to with very localized travel, shopping and dining will continue to be the most popular activities for travelers. CJF Marketing International has the expertise to help companies attract more travelers to their destinations and/or attractions.

With CJF Marketing International’s growing client base, Carolyn can leverage resources and partner clients together to save money on many tourism activities including trade show participation, sales missions, sales calls, and shopping and dining packages.

Visit our SHOP*DINE*PLAY*USA brand that effectively leverages resources and see how you can save money, reach the lucrative travel and tourism trade and achieve an increase in incremental sales at your property. 

CJFMI prides themselves in aligning with the top Representation Companies from around the world. They include:

Success Stories

CJF Marketing has become a key alliance partner States-side for supporting our international tourism business. With this great partnership we have been able to leverage resources and budgets to maximise presence for both of our portfolio’s of clients at international trade shows. In more recent times, we have been meeting weekly via video conferencing to navigate through the choppy waters of the Covid-19 crisis to assist our clients in strategic planning for the future. And looking into the future, with the possibility of 24 hour appointments at virtual trade shows, we are already planning for the possibility of sharing virtual trade show meetings accommodating different time zones. This trans-atlantic partnership of like-minded businesses will continue for the long term as we emerge and grow together in the new look tourism landscape.

Kevin Brett

Managing Director

HAT Tourism Marketing


While serving as Vice President of Marketing and Tourism for the world famous Grand Central Terminal, I needed to refocus the national and international tourism industry on the grand building as a New York City destination. Due to its deplorable condition prior to a major half-billion dollar restoration in 1998, the Terminal was no longer on any visitor’s itinerary. What was needed was a comprehensive Tourism Marketing Plan and subsequent implementation to reverse this negative perception. Carolyn J. Feimster provided both through her years of successful strategic planning, her innumerable contacts in the Tourism Industry and representing Grand Central at major tourism conventions and meetings. Through her efforts, tourists once again came in large numbers to marvel at the grandeur of the 100 year old building, view the constellation sky ceiling 125 feet above them and shop and dine at the 100 new retail stores and restaurants which had been added during the restoration. Today, over 750,000 people traverse the corridors of Grand Central Terminal daily, many of them visitors from across the country and around the world as a result of CJF Marketing International’s expertise.

Paul Kastner

President, Interaction Communication

Tourism Marketing
Trade Show Representation

Tourism Marketing

A frequent public speaker on tourism issues and strategies, CJFMI’s Carolyn J. Feimster can assist your organization in capitalizing on lucrative tourism opportunities.

Specifically, CJFMI offers the following tourism marketing services:

  • Audit existing tourism strategies
  • Research and development of a tourism marketing plan
  • Development of an appropriate collateral package
  • Development of partnership programs with hotels, attractions, DMOs, etc. to leverage the tourism budget
  • Development of Shop and Dine commissionable programs
  • Investment Tourism
  • Pre-opening Tourism Plan that sets the stage for opening and beyond

Want to create a winning tourism strategy?

Contact Carolyn to find out how she can help you design tourism marketing strategies that propel your organization to success.

Trade Show Representation

CJF Marketing International has extensive experience representing a variety of destinations at trade shows around the world. Carolyn’s approach is different from other companies. With her extensive industry contacts and in-depth knowledge, she is able to identify the most important tour operators for the client and the particular trade show and works to arrange meetings with them. But a meeting is not enough. To achieve ROI for her clients, she works hard to negotiate programs, partnerships, promotions, social media engagements, early booking incentives, destination sweepstakes and more. Following the trade show, Carolyn follows up with tour operators on an on-going basis.

Global and Domestic Trade Shows

  • ITB in Berlin
  • IPW (formerly International Pow Wow)
  • La Cita (formerly La Cumbre)
  • WTM - World Travel Market, Latin America
  • IITA - International Inbound Travel Association (formerly Receptive Services Association of America)
  • SYTA - Student Youth Travel Association
  • ABA - American Bus Association
  • NTA - National Tour Operators Association
  • Florida Huddle
  • DNE - Discover New England
  • Active America China
  • RTO Summits - East, West, and South
  • Go West Summit
  • WTM - World Travel Market in London
  • ABAV in Brazil
  • FIT in Buenos Aires
  • ANATO in Bogotá
  • Destino Shows in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile
  • Multiple Sales Missions to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, California, Upstate NY, New England and NYC.
  • Brand USA Sales Missions to Shanghai and Beijing, China for multiple years.

Need your project represented at a travel trade show?

Contact Carolyn to find out how she can represent your company or destination at trade shows around the world.

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