COVID-19 Update: A Sharing of Best Practices

The world has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Without a doubt, the hardest hit industry is travel and tourism. It is a resilient industry, has withstood many other catastrophes, and we will emerge from this one, even stronger than ever. 

Meanwhile, the industry is dealing with an estimated $519 billion decline in spending, and a $1.2 trillion projected economic loss for the year. Unemployment for the U.S. was 25%, but for the travel industry it was 51%, twice that of the Great Depression.

CJFMI can guide your organization through the recovery process. Please feel free to utilize any of our resources:

  • Roadmap to Recovery Power Point
  • List of Valuable Resources
  • Status of Openings by Country from the US Department of Commerce
  • Projected New Travel Lifecycle and the Timetable for Recovery by Markets
  • An opportunity for you to share your insights. Please submit to Carolyn (click here)

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