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CJFMI “Tourism Pro Talks”
By Sally Berry, Proprietor of the AttractionsCoach.com
One of the best parts of being in the Tourism industry for many years is the people I meet. Our industry has an endless list of talented, hardworking, fun-loving and creative professionals. I decided to interview my friends and give you a peek into their lives and careers. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, and I will follow-up with the guest interviews. This week we hear from my friend Carolyn Feimster, President of her own company, CJF Marketing International
Tell us a bit about how you got started in the Tourism industry. 
“Thirty years ago this year, I was a Corporate Marketing Director for an international shopping center developer and one of my colleagues received a lead for a short-term project in the Caribbean Island of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. The position was to work as a consultant with the Curacao Action Group, an organization challenged with redeveloping the island to become a much sought after tourist destination. My role was to upgrade the downtown area of Punda. The assignment was clear… within a three-month time frame, establish a new management organization to oversee the redevelopment:
Month 1- Write the Business Plan,
Month 2- Solicit for the funding, and
Month 3- Hire the team to run the new organization.
I took a leave of absence from the company I was presently working with and they fully supported me because of the tremendous opportunity. In three months, the new organization called the DMO, Downtown Management Organization, was established and modeled after the BID concept, Business Improvement Districts in the USA.
One big difference was there was no such thing as a taxing district in Curacao so all funding had to be raised by volunteer contributions. At the end of the successful three months, during their lavish “good-bye” luncheon for me, they asked if I would stay on and continue to consult with the organization.
I went back to the company I was working for and we came to terms where they would become my second client… and now with two clients my company was off and running. AND, the DMO is still in existence today, as is  CJF Marketing International!”
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Client Spotlight

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Visiting Boston this summer? Here is what you don’t want to miss!
Everyone loves a good laugh! Beginning in August, one of Boston’s most distinguished restaurants, Durgin-Park, will be offering a “Dinner & A Comedy Show” special in the restaurant’s underground tavern. Taking place in one of Faneuil Hall Marketplace’s oldest restaurants, dating back to 1827, this opportunity comes with outstanding food at great prices!
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Outlets at Tejon


Looking to get involved and help your local community? Here is an idea… The Outlets at Tejon in Southern California is offering a great opportunity to help out teachers! Since July 22nd, and continuing through September 1st, Chico’s Boutique is celebrating their “Bold School” event, offering teachers 10% off their Chico’s purchase! Chico’s shoppers will be able to donate school supplies to their local Chico’s location; donations will be raffled off to local educators. There is no better way to go back to school than through helping the amazing teachers that make it all happen!  For more information click here.
 Old Town Kissimmee/Orlando 

Congratulations to Old Town for their coverage in Destinations Magazine, the magazine for ABA, American Bus Association!


CJF Marketing International’s New Affiliation  with Woodcliff
Carolyn Feimster is pleased to announce our new affiliation with Woodcliff, a company that provides management consulting for shopping center companies, retailers, commercial real estate organizations, communities and investors. They work with experts from most facets of commercial real estate to bring solutions to clients for maximizing the potential of income producing properties. As an independent contractor of Woodcliff, we now can offer our clients access to their resources of consultants and services comprising almost every field of the shopping center industry. For more information click here. Woodcliff Realtors, LLC.

What’s Trending Now

In Brief: Chinese Travelers Then and Now
Only four decades ago, very few Chinese citizens traveled abroad. Now, favorable visa policies, online booking services, and easily accessible mobile payment apps have allowed the Chinese to travel and explore more frequently and freely. This transformation in the travel market has resulted in the Chinese becoming the largest and fastest growing group of spenders in the world. Making over 142 million international departures in 2017, this market is something you don’t want to miss out on.   To read the full article, click here.
Independent Chinese Traveler & Shoppers-How to Get the Ones You Want
The Chinese market shows no signs of slowing down. After having spent $270 billion abroad in 2017, with figures showing an increase of over $300 billion in 2018, this market has continuously increased year over year. Now, independent Chinese shoppers have become the fastest growing segment of outbound global Chinese tourism. For maximum success, the next step is outreach and getting exactly the ones you want.   To read the full article, click here.
Facebook vs. WeChat
Do you have questions about the difference between WeChat and Facebook? Well, Sally Berry, The Attractions Coach and Catherine Heeg of CMS Speaking will talk about that in this short video.  To watch this video, click here.
ChinaPro Marketing Partners 
Looking for assistance in developing your China-Outreach Program, in addition to  possible  in-market representation? Meet ChinaPro Marketing Partners, a Strategic Partner of CJFMI.  They can also assist in setting up Mobile Payments for your merchants.  Mobile payment transactions approximated US$43.27 trillion in China in 2017, an upsurge of 41.4% from 2016, and are expected to hit US$116 trillion in 2021. Chinese travelers are increasingly looking for convenience of using mobile payment outside of their home country. The ChinaPro Marketing Partners work closely with AliPay and WeChat Pay, the two largest mobile payment companies along with their third party suppliers, to offer Chinese mobile payment set up assistance for merchants so that they can process Chinese mobile payments.
For questions, please contact Z.J. Tong at  tong@chinapropartners.com.

Seeking a different market?

Other Strategic Partners of CJFMI include:

HAT Marketing: United Kingdom and Europe. 
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 Travel Solutions by Design: Canada.

Click here for more information or visit www.travelsolutionsbydesign.com
 Unique Travel Collections: Brazil and Latin America.
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Upcoming Trade Shows/Conferences

CJFMI has had a very busy travel trade show year attending shows that target the international markets, the leisure group travel market – both domestic and international, the FIT market and the M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) markets. Shows included Go West Summit in Salt Lake City, UT; ABA in Charlotte, NC; International Inbound Travel Association in Portland, OR; NAJ Summit West in LA; ITB in Berlin, Germany; Active America China in Atlanta, GA; NAJ Summit East in NYC; Discover New England in Cape Cod, MA; and IPW in Denver, CO.


Shows coming up include:
SYTA- Student Youth Travel Association
August 24-28, 2018
Baltimore, MD
National Tour Association (NTA) Travel Exchange
November 2-8, 2018
Milwaukee, WI
Travel South USA International Showcase 
November 26-29, 2018
Nashville, TN
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