Strategic Marketing, Tourism, and Business Development

CJF Marketing International (CJFMI) is a consulting company specializing in the creation and implementation of strategic marketing, tourism programs and business development projects for products and destinations such as shopping centers, attractions, urban entertainment districts, communities and commercial properties throughout the U.S., Caribbean, South America, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Asia, India, the Middle East and Australia. The firm provides comprehensive strategic planning and implementation designed to meet goals and provide solid returns on investments.

Additionally, CJF Marketing International offers marketing training programs and seminars, such as customer service and retail tourism training seminars for developers, municipalities, shopping center associations, development agencies and retailers.

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Career Highlights for CJFMI owner, Carolyn J. Feimster, CRX, CMD

During her last trip to Dubai, Carolyn was interviewed by the Middle Eastern Council of Shopping Centers on the importance of the ICSC/MECSC Certification Program.

Achieved ICSC’s (International Council of Shopping Centers) Trustees Distinguished Service Award in 2000, an achievement that only 127 shopping center professionals in the world have reached as of 2017.

Received the Shopping Tourism Person of the Year Award in 2003 from Shop America Alliance, an award presented as a result of voting by industry peers.

Won the 2016 BEST IN SHOW and GOLD SASI (Shop America Salutes Innovation) Award for the “Exclusive China Shopping Promotion with Hainan Airlines and the MA Office of Travel & Tourism.” She has also won multiple SASI awards from Shop America Alliance and MAXI awards from the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Has achieved two professional designations from ICSC, the CRX which is Certified Retail Property Executive and CMD which is Certified Shopping Center Marketing Director.

What's New for CJF Marketing International?

CJFMI Owner Carolyn J. Feimster has two upcoming speaking engagements:

• ONE Travel Conference where her topic is “How To Sell (almost anything) in 7 Minutes” which will focus on the secrets of successful sales meetings, trade shows and follow-up.

• ICSC’s RECon for Latin America and the Caribbean in Puerto Rico – She is chairing a panel entitled: “Retail Shopping Tourism – How to Capitalize on the Lucrative Visitor Dollar”

In 2016, CJFMI launched our client newsletters full of information about the terrific work our clients are doing, our accomplishments, plus the trade shows we attend. We also include valuable articles, statistics, trends, and much more!

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